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Alta Florencia is one of the communities of the Kichwa culture located on the banks of the river Napo belonging to the province of Orellana, Canton Aguarico, Parroquia Nuevo Rocafuerte, its inhabitants make up between women and men housing 94 inhabitants, society of Alta Florencia Preserves alive their customs traditions bequeathed by their past before which are used to expose in the business of community tourism. Through the “Socio Bosque” project, a large part of the green reserve areas are conserved, bordering Yasuni National Park, a place used for tourism activities to observe flora and fauna.

SACHA ÑAMPI Ctc. “Road to the jungle”


The Community Tourism Center “Sacha Ñampi” is located within the Alta Florencia commune 220 kilometers from the city of Coca, 15 kilometers from the town of Nuevo Rocafuerte, approximately 17 kilometers from the Peruvian border. Taking advantage of the tourist infrastructure of Sacha Ñampi, as a strategic point of stay allows to distribute to the tourist to different tourist places of the Canton Aguarico since it has a great tourist potential in natural, cultural and gastronomic resources.

During our tour program, you will be able to get to know the flora and fauna of the Yasuní at the same time as the indigenous Kichwa culture that inhabits the area, enjoy its landscape and the tranquility that the jungle offers us.

Main Office

Alta Florencia Community, Nuevo Rocafuerte-Orellana

Phone: +593 0989695878

Phone2: +593 0996674318