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Our infrastructure is in harmony with the environment, managing to capture the magic of the Amazon rainforest

Its construction has been developed taking into account many aspects, some of the most important, is that it maintains a complete harmony with the flora and fauna of the Yasuní Amazon, with the aim of maintaining the traditional ancestral infrastructure custom, which to the It transmits to the tourist the tranquility, the silence of the Amazon rainforest.

Its infrastructure consists of a dining room for 50 people, kitchen, sanitary battery, cottage two-story cabin capacity for 20 people, a cabin for two people, river transport capacity 15 people. The facilities are suitable for hosting domestic and foreign tourists.

Our community has trained staff, professional guides and infrastructure of quality ... but above all with great desire to receive you!

  • Food and drinks
  • Guidance
  • Camping
  • Handicrafts
  • Preparation of events, workshops, conventions
  • River transport
  • Internet

As a way to achieve sustainable development, we try to incorporate personnel from our own area, for which they have previously trained as required by the Ministry of Tourism.

  • Naturalist guides of the Yasuni National Park and Reserve of the Alta Florencia commune.
  • Community Guides
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