Yasuní National Park Complete Tour

Price 5 days - 4nights
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Yasuní National Park Complete Tour

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Traveling to the Amazon is to discover the rich biodiversity of the tropical rainforest. Most species of plants and animals live within their mysterious virgin forests, protected in National parks such as Yasuni and Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Involved with the coexistence of the Kichwa Culture, through its Community Tourism Initiatives, in the Napo River Bank.


Sacha Ñampi community project belonging to Kichwa Alta Florencia commune is located approximately 292 kilometers away by river from the city of Puerto Francisco de Orellana (El Coca), and less than 10 kilometers from the border with Peru. This community has great tourism potential in natural, cultural and gastronomic resources.


During our tour you will be able to know different tourist places and carry out all the activities offered by Sacha Ñampi to its national and foreign tourists.


Requeriments for the visit
  • Thermal and waterproof sweater.
  • Light clothes, pants and long-sleeved shirts, fine jacket.
  • Cap and glasses with bra (for river navigation).
  • Small comfortable backpack to carry while hiking in the jungle.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Rechargeable battery handheld flashlight
  • Canteen or bottle to refill (drinking water is supplied all the time).
  • Sun block
  • Battery photo camera
  • Binoculars
  • Passport or identity card.
  • Raincoat (poncho) and rubber boots are provided on loan
  • Swimsuit


Packages Includes
  • River transport 4 hours (direct)
  • Food is served at Alta Florencia Community Tourist Center – Sacha Ñampi, and at Jatun cocha lagoon, which will be served by Box Luch.
  • There are bird watching equipment. “Binocular”
  • In Yasuni National Park the guidance is made by a naturalist guide recognized by the Ministry of Environment.
  • There is a first aid kit, and in Nuevo Rocafuerte town there is a hospital with a river ambulance service.
  • In most of our tour we only have cell phone services of the company “CLARO”.
  • 120 v electrical power is available. 24 hours a day through CELEC generator systems.
  • Personalized Assistance in Fco de Orellana.
  • Accommodation in private cabins
  • Camping tents “camoing”
  • Support assistance in Fco.  de Orellana
  • All meals during the tour.
  • Access to trails and cultural activities
  • Native and naturalist guide service
  • Loan of rubber boots and Raincoat (poncho).


Package does not include
  • Accommodation in Fco de Orellana
  • Land or air transportation to Coca city and return to origin.
  • Tips, meals and extra drinks
  • River transport to Peru “Pantoja population”
  • Activities not specified in the program


Tourist plan options + flights

Direct flights roundtrip from Quito to Yasuní + Complete tour Yasuní Park 5D/4N $710.00

5 days - 4nights
First day
At 07h00 in the morning the passengers will be received at the Fco de Orellana (Coca) land terminal or they will be received at the hotel where the passengers are staying, then we will go to the delight of a delicious breakfast, then we will take the course to the Fluvial dock of The Marina de Fco de Orellana to sail to Sacha Ñampi Lodge Yasuni, after 4 hours of fast boat ride we will be arriving at Sacha Ñampi being 12 noon, after being received by the guide we will take the reserved cabins and At the same time we will enjoy a delicious lunch and in the afternoon we will enter with the flora and fauna of the Yasuni to take a short walk with the aim of visiting one of the largest and longest trees in the Yasuni National Park. To end the day, after dinner we will be part of a Kichwa cultural dance event as a welcome act.
Second day
In the morning after breakfast we will take the river transport to Yasuni National Park, through Yasuni river you will be able to observe a majestic natural paradise of flora and fauna. Yasuni Green Treasure Alta Florencia R M T - N° 2202500274 www.sachanampi.com When arriving at the entrance of the Tambocha river we prepare waterway to be attentive to observe some Bird species such as the hoazín, black turkeys, parrots, camungos, locreros, papagallos, Aguja ducks, hawks and several species of monkeys until we reach the guard of the Sacha Ñampi reserve (Alta Florencia) flora and fauna surveillance control of the Yasuni where we will go hiking for 30 minutes with the aim of visiting the “guanganas como otros animales” space. After having a small lunch, we will move to visit one of the most beautiful lagoons of the Yasuni :“Jatun Cocha” place where we will do sport fishing. And to finish the tour we go by waterway to Sacha Ñampi to delight of a delicious dinner and take a deep rest.
On the third day
after breakfast, we go to see the famous Pink dolphins, where you will observe a spectacular game of these animals that at the same time, the passenger has the opportunity to feed with fish these mystical creatures unique in the world. Being midday, we will resume the trip to Sacha Ñampi to have a delicious lunch and in the afternoon the tourist will have the opportunity to visit one of the plots of fine aroma cocoa to harvest its fruit and prepare the handmade chocolate paste. After dinner, the tourist will be witness in the stories of tales, myths, legends of the Kichwa culture and the Yasuni National Park.
On the fourth day
after breakfast we go to harvest the ayahuasca vines to extract Ayahuasca juice, preparatory that the shaman healer will use in the spiritual healing rite where the tourist will be part of a clean to expel the bad energies that the human body possesses. After lunch, the tourist will witness in the practice and use of the ancestral weapon blowgun used by Kichwa culture for hunting and fishing. And to end the day, the process of making cassava chicha, a traditional drink of the Kichwa culture, will be observed.
Fifth day
After breakfast we will resume our trip to Coca.- End of tour.

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